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Trading on shares lets you track each share price quickly and easily, no matter whether you are buying or selling.

OTX Forex helps you to outperform the traditional investment strategy to buy and hold shares and wait for the price to appreciate in a long time horizon.

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Benefits of Share Trading


Investment Gains

The primary benefit of investing in the share market is the chance to cultivate money. Over time, the stock market tends to rise in value although the prices of each stock rise and fall daily.


Bonus Income

Most stocks provide income in the form of a dividend but not all stocks offer dividends, those that do pay off annual and extra bonus income to investors.



For investors who invest money into different types of investment products, share market investment has the additional benefit of providing earning diversification.



Buying shares of stock on the other hand means taking on an ownership stake in the company of the one whose share you bought. On the other hand, investing in the stock market brings benefits to being the owner of the business.


Greater returns

Investment grows when you make investments smartly. Share Trading will give you greater returns over time than a fixed deposit in the bank.


Max Leverage

OTX Forex offers the greatest leverage and opportunity to increase position size and amplify potential gains.

Why OTX Forex?

OTX Forex offers fast trades and consistent execution with professional charting and sophisticated trader tools. Boost your trading skills with additional educational support and free Forex learning. Get withdrawals from your local banks.

All in one account

Trade multiple products at a time and with one account, no need for a separate account for share trading.

The world’s top traded shares

Access to world-class shares with top-performing companies and assets like Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc.

Faster Execution

Get fast execution of your trade and trading funds quickly and easily.

Safe & Secured

OTX Forex keeps user accounts safe and secured, and your trades are protected by a negative balance.