Trading Products

OTX Forex offers one of the most superior trading platforms which enables you to trade more than 70 trading products ranging from currency pairs, highly traded commodities such as Oil, Coffee, etc, spot metals like Gold and Silver, and energies like Natural Gases, etc.

Being a newbie or veteran diversify your trading portfolio with us by investing in diverse trading products using only one single OTX Forex trading platform.


Trade some of the most highly traded currency pairs EUR/USD, USD/JPY with lowest available spread i.e. 0.1 in the market. We are offering currency pairs ranging from majors to exotic pairs. Trade more than 70 currency pairs with our most advanced trading platforms.


At OTX Forex Trade with the world's major and niche stock indices – with low margins and 24-hour market trading than any other provider. Trade with our multi-device platforms like Desktop, Mobile or Tablet, and Boost your trading strategy with expert advice.


We are offering emerging commodities such as energy (oil, natural gas etc), Soft Commodities (Wheat, Coffee, Sugar etc) to trade on our platform. Trading in oil whether it's Crude or Brent is quite similar to trading in currency pairs.

Spot Metals

Diversify your trading portfolio by investing in highly traded metals Gold and Silver by simply opening a trading account with us. Trading metal is considered a safe investment under uncertain market conditions and other volatile market movements.


At OTX Forex we are continuously expanding our market Hence offering shares of Almost every multinational organizations without zero additional commission fees. Choose OTX Forex Shares CFD’s and Trade with big and leading market Players.


As the Energy demand is increasing the Market is turning vast in investment as well. Energy is High volatility with huge price movement trading. Oil Trading is globalized and is the most traded commodity worldwide. OTX Forex Pro offers you start Trading on a Lowest margin.

Multiple Assest Classes – Multiple Trading Platforms – Multiple Instruments

Multiple Assest Classes – Multiple Trading Platforms – Multiple Instruments