The commodity is a worldwide popular trading instrument, and each commodity is profitable in its own way. Commodity trading consists of a variety of products in agriculture, minerals, and currencies traded on exchanges. OTX Forex offers trading in various commodities such as energy like crude oil, natural gas, etc. (Soft Commodities like wheat, coffee, sugar, etc.

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Benefits of Commodity Trading


Beat inflation

Products like pulses, oil, gold, silver, spices, and cotton keep on rising regularly. So investing in commodities through futures trading helps in beating inflation.


Boost the Portfolio

Diversify your portfolio with commodities because it has high return capacity just like equities, which helps in big returns.


Risks Hedging

The commodities behave differently in times of uncertainty or political lift-offs. The rise in demand might increase the commodity price to result in the price up and giving higher returns.


Excess funds

Commodities are one of the best available options to keep the surplus fund amount. Higher financial leverage is the greatest advantage of trading commodities.


Easy Withdrawals

It comes with the advantage that traders can easily withdraw cash in case of any emergency.


Low margin & High Leverage

It requires a low margin and provides high leverage on trading capital.

Why OTX Forex?

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Multi Trading Options

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Multi-Device Support

Trade anytime, anywhere from devices like desktops, Tablets, and Smartphones with our powerful and secured tech infrastructure.

Dedicated Support

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Professional Team

A dedicated team of professionals to help you build your suitable strategies as per your investment needs.