Energy Trading

Energy trading involves products like electricity, crude oil, natural gas, and wind power, etc. Since these commodities often fluctuate abruptly, so can be attractive to speculate moving market for a profitable trading experience.

Energy trading is the buying, selling, and moving bulk energy from production to where it is needed. The trading in energy includes Crude oil, Refined products, Natural Gas, Electric Power, and so on. It is not different from other traded products like gold, silver, copper, etc.

Energy Trading Benefits


Diversify Your Portfolio

Energy trading diversifies the trader’s investment portfolio and opens new opportunities for a trader to jump from one asset to another.


Highest leverage

Margins in the energy trading through the futures market are lower than equity futures and options. You can earn in a particular commodity by paying small efforts.


Minimum manipulation

Governed by global price activities, commodity markets are less manipulating or price manipulation.


Beat Fluctuations

Wide fluctuations in the prices of energy products can directly affect your bottom line. Energy Trading helps you to buy or sell commodities at a price-decided period.



Energy prices are prone based on supply-demand dynamics, geo-political tensions, weather conditions, and natural disasters. So opens the door for earning both ways.


Secured demand

Any superfluity in the substantial market could mean a continuous wait for a buyer. Energy Trading can give you sure demand at the time of harvest.

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Spot Metals pairs specifications

SymbolDescriptionDigitsContract SizeTypical spreadLeverage
(up to)
Swap LongSwap ShortTrading Hours open
XAUUSDUS Dollar vs Gold210040100-1.08-600:00:0023:59:59Daily 23:59:59 - 01:00:00
XAGUSDUS Dollar Vs silver3500036100-2.2-500:00:0023:59:59Daily 23:59:59 - 01:00:00